Industry 4.0 and Maintenance
Digitalizing maintenance processes

Carcano continues its path towards the Industry 4.0. At this time our company has launched a new project aimed at the digitalization of maintenance processes with the partner Exolvia. Within the end of July 2020, the new system of optimization and digitalization of maintenance activities will be active and will bring an increase in the operational availability of the Carcano production lines.

The digital transformation, which has significantly accelerated in recent years, impacts every sector and every company, also and above all in industrial production.
Digital processes, targeted acquisition and analysis of digital data shape the production of the future, starting from development and implementation, up to maintenance.

The enhancement of the manufacturing experience of Carcano which boasts over 140 years of history, passes through a value chain that becomes a digital matrix of growth and flexibility in optimizing products, work cycles and material flows. Flexibility and agility are essential today to create new business models, meet customer needs and compete on a dynamic market.

The brand-new Carcano’s project comes from a structured path that integrates technological innovations with the professionalism of our collaborators. Indeed, all of our production units are involved and, in this specific project, it’s the turn of Andalo facility.
The digitalization of maintenance, in addition to increasing the reliability and efficiency of the production lines, will contribute to the design of the correct maintenance policies and the optimization of inspection activities. This project made it possible to introduce significant implementations in the maintenance processes in terms of planning, interventions management and, finally, monitoring.

The involvement of the staff is fundamental to the success of any - digital - change; the maintenance team was supported by Exolvia experts in the design and engineering of maintenance assets from the first steps.

The opening towards a smart innovation of the processes and people a fundamental assets of Carcano, in addition to enhancing the know-how in the industrial field, becomes the fulcrum of a strategy that aims to offer our customers and partners a quality product excellent and flexible service.



Exolvia is an Innovative Startup born from the decennial experience of the founding members in the area of ​​Asset Management where they have developed and collaborated in numerous industrial projects and research activities related to the Management of Industrial Maintenance and After-Sales Services. Exolvia is aimed at all production companies that need to manage and make their assets more efficient, as well as at the manufacturers of machines and systems that make the after-sales service a further Business Unit. Exolvia collaborates with the CELS research group of the University of Bergamo and is configured as a University Spin off.

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