Why do you take for granted the increasing of stability and the extending of life cycle for pills in a blister?
All pharmaceutical products require a protection all the supply chain long, starting from the packaging step as performed by the manufacturing companies until the end-user, thus they need to be packed into suitable containers that assure medicines safely arrive in the hands of the patients whom they are prescribed to.
In this scenario the container closure system is far to be a superfluous container, but it is crucial to preserve the physical-chemical properties of the medicinal products and to provide the necessary environment for an extended product shelf-life, giving:
  • Protection against external factors, such as moisture, light, oxygen, microbiological contamination
  • Protection against mechanical damages.
Pharmaceutical packaging is classified into primary and secondary, depending on it is directly in contact with the product or not: to the first category belongs the Blister packaging.
Blister is a multidose container for pharmaceutical tablets and capsules consisting in two parts: the Forming foil, that it is shaped to contain the product, and the Blister Lidding foil that it is sealed on.
Carcano produces in its plants both Blister parts through a supervised manufacturing process and controls that grant the adequacy of the products, starting from the core of our Company: Aluminium foil.
Our aluminium foil fully accounts for its traceability, throughout the vertically integrated process that is monitored and tested by Quality Control Department since the time the aluminium came in as ingot.
The choice of the material quality helps the medicinal products preservation: Pharmaceutical aluminium packaging is designed in a holistic manner, fully balanced with the product and its ways of use, so as to optimize its overall functional and environmental performance.
A constant commitment in terms of research and innovation is a must that cannot miss to keep taking for granted the increasing of stability and the extending of life cycle for medicinal products in the blister packaging.


Focus on the Cold Forming foil

The Cold Forming foil for Blister application is an Aluminium-based laminated film.
A balanced solution is always developed in partnering with the customer. That is relevant for many aspects:
  • Suitability between packaging and content
  • Opportunity to lighten the weight of the packaging, without compromising on quality
  • Designed to ensure drugs preservation
  • Environmentally and economically sustainable approach

 Benefits of the Cold Forming foil

  • High protection and total barrier against light, moisture, oxygen and gas
  • Cold formability feature
  • User friendly

 Cold Forming requires the most efficient quality controls

  •  In line adhesive and coating weight controls
  • Residual solvent and grammages
  • Delamination strength and Elongation %
  • Blister Formability resistance
  • Heat-sealing strength

 Bureau Veritas Certifications

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 50001:2011
  • FSSC 22000
Pharmaceutical dedicated facility
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