Carcano's Integrated Policy

Carcano Antonio S.p.A., a solid industrial company that has been operating in flexible packaging business for over a century, has implemented an Integrated Management System to harmonize its processes with the aim to satisfy mandatory and voluntary requirements as well as those agreed upon with its Customers.
Our Company Mission arises from our constantly evolving entrepreneurial history:

“To be the most courageous company in our industry thanks to a continuous engagement that enables each of us to exceed our limits every day”

Carcano operates in application of good manufacturing practices (GMP) to ensure food safety, prioritizing the health and safety of its workers, in the protection of the surrounding environment, in the respect of Human Rights and Social Values and control of Energy Efficiency.

In this context, Carcano is committed to raising awareness among its Suppliers so that they may also comply with the requirements of regulations on Quality, Environment, Energy, Food Safety, Worker Safety and Corporate Social Responsibility.

To ensure high performance levels in continuous improvement and response to market developments, Carcano's management promotes and reviews activities with the aims of:

  • increasing productivity in relation to product quality and performance requirements in response to the needs of Customers and legislative requirements;
  • applying organizational models to ensure food safety consistent with the company's role in the food chain as producers of packaging materials;
  • preventing any source of pollution, protecting the surrounding area by adopting processes with less Environmental Impact supported by modern emission control and recovery systems;
  • preventing and reducing injuries, accidents and work-related illnesses by improving Health and Safety at Work by adopting a modern risk analysis approach using human resources and new technologies;
  • implementing locally available Clean Energy resources according to the optimization of processes, the reduction of energy consumption and the use of renewable sources;
  • share the Code of Ethics within the company ensuring its application in accordance with Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • optimising the Organization and Management Model as required by Legislative Decree. No. 231 of 2001, already approved by the Board of Directors of the Company;
  • ensuring the provision of the necessary resources and training on an ongoing basis;
  • renewing the company's commitment to the Social Initiatives of the territory.

The Management periodically reviews the Company Policy in order to ensure its adequacy over time; it ensures that it is divulged to all personnel operating within the organization or on its behalf and disclosed to stakeholders.

The Policy is shared through its publication on the company website, its display on company boards and during personnel training.
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